This means that there are people who "cheer" so that via Metastasio remains two-way and others for the return of the one-way street. Certainly, however, the return to the past is not imminent. Today it is certainly too early to understand when there will be the traffic counter-revolution and when the one-way street will return. The fate of via Metastasio, in fact, hangs on those of via Spinelli and, consequently, on those of the Garibaldi barracks and the mysterious chasms that have opened under the building.

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«Interventions will have to be made to fix the" chasms "under the barracks and it is necessary to understand if to do these works it will be necessary to close Via Spinelli - says Piatti - As soon as they decide something about it I can plan what will become of Via Metastasio. In summary: if via Spinelli is closed, via Metastasio remains this way. If via Spinelli is not to be closed, via Metastasio can be quickly put back up one way ». The possible closure of via Spinelli is to be weighed, because it brings with it serious traffic repercussions. It was closed last year, from February to December, for security reasons, creating great inconvenience for residents and traders, who could no longer get home or go to work within a reasonable time. The car park of the Courts had also suffered as it had to do without an exit ramp, with a decrease of about six thousand accesses per month.